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About the Collaborative

Our Mission & Objectives
There is a critical need for surveillance and detection of changes in the biosphere that impact public health and infrastructure. The mission of the National Collaborative for BioPreparedness (NCBP) is to enable information sharing and response collaboration between federal, state, local, and private sector partners that have public health and biopreparedness interests. We are creating a national network of observers who collaborate with the Department of Homeland Security to enable timely, effective response to threats through near real-time surveillance and detection. NCBP facilitates the success of this network through our world-class data analytics and visualization application.
Our History
Initiated in 2010, NCBP was funded by Congress for the purpose of creating a comprehensive statewide system for biopreparedness that could be expanded nationally. Initial research and development led to the discovery of EMS data as a key syndromic data source and poison center data as a method of tracking food safety issues. In 2014, our custom analytics and visualization tool was operationalized in in two states. Our goal is to provide members of the Collaborative with greater visibility into emerging threats to public health and national security.
Our Roadmap into the Future
In the current phase, NCBP is focused on growing the Collaborative, incorporating more data owners, and adding data types that improve insight into the biosphere. We are expanding the geographic footprint of NCBP and developing a nationwide group of users to strengthen public health preparedness at all levels. We continue to stabilize and harden the architecture of the NCBP System and enhance our commercial-grade technology platform by expanding the proprietary analytics, driving user adoption by adding new data layers and data types, and refining the path toward a sustainable subscription model for the application.

Current & Future Collaborative Members

Current & Future Collaborative Members

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