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Onboarding Overview

To engage as a new participant in the National Collaborative for BioPreparedness, several steps must be taken by both the participating party and NCBP to ensure legal compliance and informed consent. The first step in the onboarding process is an initial conversation with the NCBP team to determine if joining as a data provider or subscriber is right for you. Next, the onboarding process typically includes the completing the following documents:

Letter of Intent

This document serves as a non-binding agreement and official indication of interest by both parties in further collaboration. The letter clarifies that any further data sharing or use is subject to separate data use agreements (DUA), with a suggested timeline for the final execution of the DUA. This letter does not impose any obligations on either the participant or NCBP, but allows further discussions to progress.

Data Use Agreement

This document establishes the terms and conditions under which NCBP will acquire, analyze, use, and share a collaborator’s data. A typical data use agreement gives NCBP the right to use the collaborator’s data for surveillance, analysis, and integration into the NCBP system to strengthen the collaboration. The DUA assures data owners that NCBP is a HIPAA compliant entity and will take all reasonable steps to comply with HIPAA statues. The DUA establishes the timeframe for data use by NCBP as well as the timetable on which data is provided (usually once a day).


A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA BAA) is a document which creates a formal association between NCBP and a data owner, allowing the Business Associate (NCBP) access to the data owner’s HIPAA-protected information. The BAA describes the permitted and required uses of protected health information as well as the HIPAA-compliant procedures NCBP will follow to ensure proper storage, protection, and usage of the data. The BAA also includes the freedom for the data owner to terminate data sharing immediately upon any violations.