Is a subscription right for you?

NCBP operates on a “freemium” model that recognizes and rewards participation in the Collaborative as a data provider. Customers who do not provide data to the NCBP System but wish to access the intelligence and insights derived from the Collaborative’s data can choose to enroll as a subscriber. A subscription to the NCBP System provides access to our analytics and visualization platform as well as derivative information from all data in the system.


Subscribers who do not contribute their own data to the NCBP System will not have access to the same levels of detail as data contributing Collaborative members. Please also note that the NCBP System only permits access to protected health information (PHI) to those users who have legal authority and permission from the data owner to view it. For an overview of common information security questions from our subscribers, visit the Information Security page.


Subscriber fees are based on a combination of factors. Interested in learning more? Request a subscription to start the conversation with our team.